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Nurse Care Package: What Are the Top 10 Must-Have Items?

  • Care packages are a great way to show love and appreciation from afar; this is no different for nurses!
  • With long hours, low-staffing rates, and heavy workload demands, it is safe to say that nurses are in need of some extra support.
  • If you are interested in sending a nurse care package then keep reading! We have ALL the information you need right here!

NCC News & Content Team

October 22, 2021
Simmons University

The Top 10 Must-Have Nurse Care Package Items


10. A Succulent

From reducing stress to promoting creativity, there are many so many mental health benefits that come with having an indoor plant!  

Of course, the decision to mail a live succulent depends on how far you are planning to mail the nurse care package, so be sure to keep that in mind. 


9. Hand cream or lotion

Nurses are constantly removing and re-applying latex gloves and washing their hands throughout the day, which can lead to exceptionally dry skin.  

Although most perfumes and aggressive fragrances are banned from healthcare faculties, unscented lotions or hand creams are a must-have in a nurse care package box!  

There are so many tried and true options out there, so be sure to do your research on which one you think your package recipient would like best! 





8. A Candle

No matter the occasion, no one can turn down a great candle!  

Of course, they are not allowed in healthcare facilities, however, a candle will certainly light up your nurse’s home during their off time.  


7. Gift cards

From Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, or Amazon to FIGS, Dansko, or Littmann, there are so many gift card options that you can choose from that I am sure your nurse care package recipient will love!  


6. An insulated mug or tumbler

You can never have too many of these, right? This is a must-have! 

Whether you choose to customize it or not, there is no doubt that your nurse will make great use out of this gift.  



sterile room





5. Compression socks

On average, nurses are on their feet for about 12 hours a day, trekking almost four miles per shift!  

This can be physically tolling. 

Ensuring that your nurse care package includes a pair of compression socks can help to combat any potential foot or leg pain that may arise during a long shift. 


4. A badge reel

If your nurse care package recipient loves customized gifts, these are a great accessory to add to your DIY box! 

From specialty-related reels to seasonal ones, the options are endless. We recommend checking out the vast array of Etsy shops! 


3. Snacks

If you are planning to mail the package to your nurse’s facility, adding a few snacks can’t hurt! This also allows the opportunity for you to include puns or any inside jokes you may have with them.  



nurse holding coffee



2. Coffee or tea

If you’re a nurse yourself, or you have been friends with healthcare professionals for quite some time, it seems like they run on coffee (or tea)! 

Ensuring that you’ve added some to your nurse care package is essential, and we can guarantee that they will appreciate it immensely.  


1. A Hand-written or personalized card

Whether you are sending this package as a ‘thank you’ or just to show support, be sure to include a personal touch. 

Talk about your memories together, leave a joke, or simply tell them that you love them. Kind words truly go a long way and although we know that they will love all of the contents of this care package, the card you leave will be the most memorable for them.  

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