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Dating a Nurse? Here’s What to Expect

  • Whether you are a nurse yourself or started seeing someone who is, there are a few things you can expect when dating a nurse for the first time! 

  • It takes a special kind of person to pursue a career in nursing, so consider yourself lucky.  

  • See our guide to some of the things you should expect when starting a relationship with someone in the nursing profession!

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December 16, 2021
Simmons University

Whether you are a nurse yourself or started seeing someone who is, there are a few things you can expect when dating a nurse for the first time!  

It takes a special kind of person to pursue a career in nursing, so consider yourself lucky.  

When dating a nurse, the pros outweigh the cons, but let’s break it all down!  

tired nurse taking a break

They Have Hectic Schedules

Although this may not be the case for everyone, it is safe to say that most nurses don’t always have a consistent work schedule.  

There may be some days where you do not see your significant other, and if you do, it is brief and in-between shifts.  

On average, nurses work 36 to 40 hours per week, and this can be spread out from either 8- or 12-hour shifts. However, with the national nursing shortage continuing to ravage our nation’s healthcare systems, nurses are being more spread thin than ever before.  

On top of this, they will occasionally have to work on holidays; this is inevitable.  

Despite the potentially hectic scheduling, one of the many benefits of dating a nurse is not only are they a hard worker, but they will be extremely appreciative of the time you all spend together when they are off the clock; off time is like gold. 

However, there will be days when they are going to be too tired to want to do anything, and as their partner, you must be prepared for this. Will it sometimes throw a wrench in the plans you made? Potentially, but that is simply how dating a nurse goes.  

A Free In-home Caregiver

Think you have a cold? Wondering if that weird spot on your leg is something you should get checked out? Is your baby running a fever? 

One of the more obvious perks of dating a nurse is that you get to ask these questions at no expense! 

Of course, we cannot guarantee that this will not annoy your partner, however, their natural ability to care for others may get you a few free passes.  

Plus, if you are feeling sick, you have a trained professional there to give you all the care that you may need! Also, in the event that you are sick, do not feel embarrassed – it takes a lot to gross out a nurse.  

nursing team rushing patient to OR

Stressful Situation? They Are Already on It

Nurses operate in high-stress environments regularly, and in those instances, there is no time to panic. 

Whether you get a flat tire, lose a credit card, or experience a conflict with a loved one, your significant other will be working toward developing a plan and addressing the issue.  

Additionally, it is important to consider that your partner deals with high stakes (i.e. peoples’ lives) each shift, so it is going to take a lot to frazzle them during their time off.  

couple communicating

They Are Great Communicators, and Even Better Listeners

Healthcare professionals, nurses especially, work with people each and every day; all day.  

Not only are they working with patients, but they are collaborating with physicians and other providers within the healthcare facility.  

As one can imagine, communication is key. This is no different outside of work.  

If you are offended easily, dating a nurse may not be the greatest idea for you as they are straightforward and do not waste time beating around the bush.  

At work, your significant other is an advocate for their patients, but at home, they are your advocate. They will listen to you and offer advice when it is asked for. On top of this, they will respect your boundaries and never overstep.  

If you ask us, this is by far one of the best benefits of dating a nurse.  

travel couple

They Can Move Anywhere and Find a Job

Not looking to settle down where you are currently? Your partner doesn’t have to either. 

Nursing is one of the most secure career paths, and especially during times of national shortages, it is highly likely that your nurse will be able to find a job anywhere! 

If an opportunity like this interests your partner, they can research travel nursing and see what options are available! 

Nurses are some of the most kind, caring, and compassionate people you can meet, and we hope that you know there are far more benefits than just the ones we’ve covered today.  

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