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Shane Slone

Shane Slone


Shane Slone is the founder and CEO of Nursing CE Central, bringing more than a decade of hands-on experience and insight to the nursing education community. His diverse professional background spans from national initiatives with the U.S. Public Health Service, to nursing education as a university faculty member. Shane’s hands-on experience in Emergency Room settings, and various Intensive Care Units as a doctorally-prepared Nurse Practitioner offers valuable and relevant inside knowledge of the nursing industry and its clinical applications. With specialized expertise in areas such as Sepsis Care, Rapid Response, Code Blue, Medical ICU, Cardiac ICU, and Surgical ICU from a tertiary academic hospital, Shane excels at uniting the academic and clinical worlds of nursing. He is honored to provide easy and relatable continuing education courses and blog articles for real nurses, and their real nursing needs.

Morgan Curry

Morgan Curry


Morgan Curry is the Course Curriculum Executive Editor and Content Manager at Nursing CE Central, where she transforms her experience-acquired nursing acumen into easy-to-read educational materials for the Nursing CE Central community. Her extensive background in a Level I Trauma Hospital setting provides vast clinical insight into high octane clinical care, along with a deep understanding of specialized areas of nursing such as heart and lung transplants, ECMO, and cardiac surgery recovery. Morgan’s professional versatility also extends into the highly sought-after field of aesthetic nursing, with comprehensive experience in the Plastic Surgery field; including nurse leadership in PACU, PERI-OP, and OR departments. Combined with a strong history of surgical education, nurse management, training, and practice operations, Morgan brings diverse and relevant knowledge to every course and blog article she writes and curates.

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