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Nursing Graduation Gifts: What’s Best For Your New Grad?

  • Graduation season is upon us, and the confusion on the best nursing graduation gifts is stirring.
  • Nursing CE Central has the scoop on nursing graduation gifts that will help your new grad kickstart their career!
  • From the best work shoes, to nursing planners, this blog has got it all!
Morgan Curry, RN/BSN

Morgan Curry, BSN / RN

Intensive Care, Outpatient Surgery, Aesthetics, Education, and Nursing Leadership

May 12, 2021
Simmons University


Searching for the best nursing graduation gifts for your recent grad?  

They have endured countless hours of sleep deprivation and dedicated their blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears to get to this exact moment of graduating and receiving their credentials – it’s time to celebrate! 

Whether your nurse is graduating into the field for the first time or furthering their education, we have compiled a list of all the best nursing graduation gifts that they are sure to remember and cherish! 


1. A Stethoscope

A good stethoscope is well worth the investment and will be an invaluable tool throughout your nursing career. 

Interested in learning more about what stethoscope is right for you or your recent nursing grad? Weve got you covered. Check out our recent blog on the Best Nursing Stethoscopes!

2. Scrubs

Although some healthcare facilities provide their nurses with scrubs, it can’t hurt to have a few extra pairs just in case!

Investing in a great pair of scrubs can truly add a touch of extra comfort for the long shifts that are soon to come! A few reputable brands that I recommend are FIGS, Jaanuu, and Uniform Advantage.  

3. Badge Reels

It’s all about the details. Although this may seem like a small piece, it allows a nurse to add a touch of their personality to their daily work look.

A great place to find badge reels is Etsy, as there are so many customization options and price ranges from creative artists across the world!  

4. Coffee/Coffee Accessories

Whether you want to throw in a Starbucks gift card, a bag of grounds, or a personalized travel mug, coffee is (or will soon become) a nurses best friend.  

grad gift 3

5. A Nursing Planner

There are so many planners to choose from – don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on the Best Nursing Planners, where I list the top 5 to help your grad manage their work-life balance. 

6. A Work Wedding Band

For our married grads, a QALO ring is a great nursing graduation gift! Personally, I never wore my wedding or engagement rings to work, but I guess this preference truly depends on what field your nursing grad is getting in to.

With all the hand sanitizer and powder from the latex gloves, the QALO ring is an awesome alternative to wear to work! I wish I would have known about this nursing graduation gift when I was a recent grad.

7. Work Shoes

Nurses spend most of their days on their feet, averaging about five miles during a 12-hour shift. I remember working 12–14-hour shifts, not sitting down, and my feet killing me by the end! 

Investing in a solid pair of shoes is a must – trust me! Here are a few brands that are known and loved by nurses everywhere: Crocs, Dansko, Hoka, Asics, Brooks  

8. A Work Bag

Every nurse needs a reliable work bag to pack all their belongings in.  

From their lucky pens and sharpies to their food, water bottle, wallet, stethoscope, drug book guide, and maybe an extra pair of scrubs, there are a ton of items that nurses must have with them throughout the workday.  

A few brands that I personally recommend, and find to be great nursing graduation gifts include:  Longchamp Le Pliage Club Tote, Bagging Rights Tote, Baggalini Avenue Tote 

9. Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) is the gift that keeps on giving.  

Of course, I know more education is the last thing on a new grad’s mind, however, it is one of the most practical nursing graduation gifts. Why? 

Most nurses are required by their state to complete CE courses, so gifting your grad with free continuing education courses gives them one less thing to worry about in the future.

Plus, gaining more nursing knowledge, advancing your education, and staying up to date on current practice procedures is never a bad thing!  


I hope this has helped narrow your search, and no matter what route you take, your nursing grad will love it! 

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