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Side Hustles for Nurses: What Are the Best Options?

  • Are you looking to make some extra money, but not wanting to devote it to overtime at your current nursing job?
  • Wondering if there are side hustles for nurses? We hear you loud and clear!
  • Check out our quick guide to the best nursing side hustles!

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November 19, 2021
Simmons University

Are you looking to make some extra money, but not wanting to devote it to overtime at your nursing job every week? We hear you loud and clear. 

Of course, Uber driving or DoorDashing are great ways to make a few extra dollars, but what about side hustles for nurses specifically? Do they exist? Yes! 

If you’re a nurse and are looking to use your expertise to earn some cash, here are some of our recommendations for side hustles! 

American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor

Do you remember completing your Basic Life Support (BLS) or CPR certifications?  

Well, the AHA is always looking for instructors to teach these certification courses, which is a fantastic opportunity for those already in the healthcare field. 

Perhaps your experiences could help provide an enhanced learning experience for participants in the class!  

Depending on your normal schedule, this opportunity would most likely be part-time. However, despite the few hours you would have to dedicate to instructing courses, the pay would be great. The average rate can range anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour!  

If this is an opportunity you would like to learn more about, we encourage you to check out your local AHA! 

Telehealth or Telemetry Nursing

Are you tech savvy? Do you spend a lot of your off time at home? Or are you a night owl? Well, you’re in luck! 

Part-time teleheath or telemetry medicine are side hustles for nurses that you can fulfill from the comfort of your own home at any time! 

Although its presence has been around much longer than the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that online healthcare services have become more accessible as a result of facility closures.  

For patients in rural areas who have needs that require multiple visits, telehealth is a wonderful way for them to receive the care they need while not having to sacrifice their time continuously traveling.  

A 2020 Medical Economics study evaluating public perceptions on the utilization of telehealth determines that 83% of participants will continue to use telehealth services even after the pandemic subsides. 

Although the hands-on aspect of care delivery is not applicable in the telehealth setting, your nursing knowledge and expertise can allow you to virtually assist both patients and staff members at the bedside. From urgent to primary care, the options seem endless. 

Online job recruiting resource, Glassdoor, claims the average hourly rate for part-time telehealth nurses is roughly $60 to $70 an hour! 

 in-home care nurse and patient

In-home Caregiver or Private Duty Nurse

Is bedside, hands-on care the aspect that you love most about your current nursing job? Are you looking to make a few extra dollars providing the same care in a home environment? 

Caregiving (or private duty nursing) is a wonderful way to do so!  

Depending on your level of education and the certifications that you possess, this will limit your autonomy in care delivery with patients.  

Private duty nursing provider, Care Keepers, outlines some of the expectations they have for their in-home RNs, these include: 

  • Wound care, skin management 
  • Oral medication set up 
  • Insulin syringe filling 
  • Bowel care 
  • Tube feeding 
  • General health assessments

Freelance Writer

Have a knack for writing? Wanting to share your insights with the world? Freelancing is an autonomous and fulfilling side hustle for nurses who are looking to spread their message! 

With the popularity of online content curation being stronger than ever before, healthcare institutions, influencers, and organizations are always in search of freelance writers to create pieces for their websites – and that’s where you come in! 

Whatever field your expertise is in, someone will pay to have you share your knowledge with their audience, and in some cases, you get to set the price. 

If you are looking for a nice coffee shop on a weekend where you can write your heart out, but also make some extra money, we highly recommend you check out how to list yourself as a freelance writer! 

Ask your colleagues, former preceptors, or educators to write recommendations so you can add it to your page for prospects to view.

Medical Survey Taker

Are you running low on time, but in need of extra cash? Look no further! 

Surveys are a tried-and-true way to gauge product success, public perceptions, and trends for the future. This is no different for the healthcare industry, and who better to trust and the opinions of providers? 

Medical surveys one of the many great side hustles for nurses, however, the payout is not as consistent as the gigs we’ve previously covered in this article.  

But we’re sure you’re thinking, “Sure, I can take a survey or two – but how good is the pay?”  

Both an understandable and reasonable thought, we admit.  

My Medical Panel claims that the majority of medical surveys will pay between $3 to $500 per survey, and that most take the average reader 5 to 10 minutes to complete! Wow!  

Not only can you make great money, but your answers will reflect decisions of tomorrow in the healthcare industry. 

Of course, with any cash incentivized task, it is vital that you conduct your own research and determine which surveys are credible, legitimate, and reliable.  

So, if you’re in the business of making money and positive change, perhaps taking medical surveys can be a new downtime activity for you! 

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