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Understanding Your 2024 Massachusetts Nursing License Renewal

  • As nurses across the country battle against staffing shortages, burnout, and an all-time high of demands and strains on the overall healthcare system, little time is left for sifting through new rules and requirements for license renewal.
  • Licenses are set to expire during a chaotic season for Massachusetts nurses, and a lapse in licensure not only means a big headache dealing with the Massachusetts Board of Nursing, but also the inability to continue working.
  • That’s why our Nursing CE Central team has a full breakdown of top questions, deadlines, state requirements, and consequences of missing your renewal deadline for the 2024 Massachusetts nursing license renewal period.

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January 18, 2024
Simmons University

There is not much time left is left to go through new rules and continuing education course requirements for license renewal for busy nurses across the country.

Nurses in Massachusetts can’t work with a lapsed license, so it’s essential to know the correct renewal deadline.

Our team has created a full list of CE requirements, license expiration dates, and the consequences of missing the Massachusetts nursing license renewal deadline.

According to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing, any nurse who does not renew their license before their deadline will have their license lapse.

ONONLIN1.What Are the 2024 CE Requirements for Renewal?

All Massachusetts licensed nurses are required to complete 15 hours of continuing education within the two years before you are required to renew your license.

Nurses must also complete domestic and sexual violence training.

2. Is Nursing CE Central a Massachusetts Board of Nursing-approved provider?   

Yes! Courses from Nursing CE Central are approved and accepted by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing.


3. How Long Must I Keep Documentation Proving I Completed My 2024 CE Requirements for Renewal?

The Massachusetts BON does recommend maintaining a copy of your online nursing CE completion for your most recent two consecutive renewal periods (4 years). The Board may request verification of compliance at any time.

4. Can I Renew Now, and Complete My Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Later?

No, you must complete contact hours within the two years before you are required to renew your license. However, you do not need to send a certificate of CE completion to the Board unless the Board requests it. If you are selected for audit or named in a complaint, you may be required to send 2 cycles (4 years) worth of CE certificates to the Board.


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5. Am I Required to Complete a Test or Quiz for my Massachusetts CE Requirements?

Yes, you must take a test to complete your nursing continuing education requirements.

6. How Can I Check That my Renewal Application is Complete? 

Once your online renewal process is complete, it is immediately processed and is available for verification. Massachusetts nurses can check on the status of their license at (

7. What Happens if I Don’t Renew My License Before the Deadline? 

According to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing, you cannot practice with an expired license.


8. Can I Still Work/Practice if I Miss My Renewal Deadline? 

No. Nurses are NOT legally allowed to work in Massachusetts with a lapsed nursing license.


9. How Can I Get My License Active Again?

All nurses who miss their renewal deadline will have to pay a $57 late fee and must still meet all continuing education requirements when renewing.

*fees are subject to change


Visit our Massachusetts nursing license renewal page for more information or to start your required online CE courses .

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