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Ethics Nurse CEUs to Keep You Out of Trouble on Social Media

  • The social media landscape has created an environment where nurses’ actions can have unforeseen negative effects on patients.
  • Ethics nurse CEUs provide decision-making guidance for healthcare professionals who want to ensure their online lives don’t put them out of a job.
  • This article covers nurse CEUs that can be used to ensure that no online activity harms patients or their families.

Jacqueline Kunst

Nursing CE Central

February 20, 2024
Simmons University

Do no harm is not just a religious tenant. It’s a credo that all nurses live by. With the news of healthcare professionals losing their jobs over social media posts, it’s evident that the principles of non-maleficence, autonomy, beneficence, and justice need to be extended online.

A nurse’s actions on Facebook or TikTok are visible to the public, and it’s not impossible that patients could find certain posts distressing. This is why it’s essential for everyone to carefully think through all actions taken online. Completing an ethics course is one way to make sure that the ghosts of the social media past do not come back to haunt anyone.

Everyone’s online activity can be scrutinized, and that includes nurses. The nurse CEUs recommended in this article provide the knowledge needed to avoid the potential risk of personal social accounts affecting professional success.

Nursing Ethics

Ethics are a moral compass and help guide a nurse’s behavior. Florence Nightingale helped lay the groundwork for these moral principles long ago in the 19th century. In today’s world, the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics is the guiding light that healthcare professionals can use to handle situations with competing interests and values. This study of moral behavior helps nursing to be seen as one of the most honest and ethical professions.

When completing these nurse CEUs, you’ll learn about the principles of ethics, how to apply them, and why every nurse needs to stay up to date with the ANA Code of Ethics.  

Visit our Nursing Ethics page to learn more.


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Ethical Decisions in Nursing Management  

It goes without saying that nurses must do no harm, are bound to do good, and need to respect all patients. Those ethical principles are also used when a nurse manager needs to make an everyday choice. They face various situations where an understanding of ethics will properly guide the decision-making process. It’s essential that healthcare professionals in management positions know how to respond to moral predicaments.  

When completing these nurse CEUs, you’ll learn about common ethical dilemmas nurses in leadership positions face, how to handle them, why it’s essential to know about ED, EMS, and personal patient protocols, and the basics of a DNR and a MOLST.  

 Visit our Ethical Decisions in Nursing Management page to find out more.

Ethics for the Telehealth Nurse  

Nurses provide care in many settings, and with advances made in telehealth, virtual patient care brings unique circumstances, so healthcare workers must know the ethical principles involved in these scenarios. They can use this knowledge to improve patient outcomes. While the ANA’s Code of Ethics and the information presented in this material are valuable tools, neither replace any laws governing nursing practices.  

When completing these nurse CEUs, you’ll learn about ethics for telehealth nurses, how to maintain a patient’s privacy while providing remote care, and the basics of ethical and unethical nursing practices.  

Visit our Ethics for the Telehealth Nurse page to learn more.  


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Following a DNR: An Ethical Dilemma in Nursing     

End-of-life issues are hard to face, and these situations do not become any easier when a do-not-resuscitate order (DNR) is thrown into the mix. This medical order can make nursing challenging as it can create moral and ethical problems. For someone’s final wishes to be carried out, all healthcare team members must be involved, including the patient and their family. A complete understanding of what a DNR entails and competent ethical dilemma knowledge are the best ways to equip a nurse to handle these moral problems.  

When completing these nurse CEUs, you’ll learn the importance of following a DNR order, common ethical nursing dilemmas, and how to care for patients while respecting their wishes.  

Visit our Following a DNR: An Ethical Dilemma in Nursing page to learn more.


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The Bottom Line on Ethics Nurse CEUs

These nurse CEUs provide a strong foundation in ethics that will help determine if you should put the brakes on a social media post or give it the green light. Remember, in a world where anything online can be screengrabed, it’s best to have more than an employee handbook for guidance. Understanding the ethical decision-making process is essential for making good choices for yourself and the nursing profession.

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