Travel Nurse Essentials-Seven Things to Bring on Your Next Assignment

  • Travel nursing can be mental exhausting-constantly moving, new environment, new processes, new faces, new everything. 
  • These travel nurse essentials can provide comfort, distraction, and normalcy to your new environment. 
  • Here are my seven travel nurse essentials that give me comfort while I am away.

Sarah Kim


May 27, 2022
Simmons University

Travel nursing can be hard as there are so many changes that are happening all at once.  

There is a change in settings, your job, administration, policies and procedures, coworkers, and so much more.  

As you dive into this new contract, here are some travel nurse essentials that you might want to take to make the situation more bearable, or comfortable. Keep in mind these things are not going to be 100% true for every travel nurse.  

Every travel nurse has different accommodations, so this may not be applicable for everyone! Some of these are obvious travel nurse essentials, but this is what I’ve found works for me. 

So here it goes!

Favorite Kitchen Appliance

This is on the top list for me of travel nurse essentials. Whether it be a Crockpot, Instapot, or rice cooker (me!), bring your most used kitchen appliance. It will make meal prepping and cooking easier, especially when it comes to not knowing what is around town and… there may not be many places that you want to try around the area that you are in!  

For instance, I bring my rice cooker and it is so much easier than making rice on the stove every single day, and it saves so much time and money. 


travel nurse essentials appliances


Yes, it is true, many travelers do have a harder time finding housing than travelers who do not have pets or choose not to travel with their pets, but the money and search will be worth it when your pet is able to travel with you. 

This article by Airbnb gives tips on researching accommodations that allow pets. 

It gives many people a place of comfort and pets can make you feel more at home even though your environment constantly changes. Who wants to leave their pet at home anyways?

Basic Clothing

Do not bring so much that it is overwhelming, trust me, you will not need that many clothes to wear in three months. Some casual clothing, a nice pair of clothing, workout clothing, and of course, your nursing scrubs are all you need.  

Do consider the weather and climate of the area first. That will help you decide on the number of layers you bring and what type of clothing to pack. 

You work at least three days a week… do not bring so much, it will be a hassle. Also ask your facility if scrubs are available. Many times, they are so you do not need to pack your scrubs, unless you want to.

Activity Equipment

Whether it be a mountain bike, yoga mat, kayak, kettlebells, etc. Bring what you use on the regular at home. This can help you continue the things you live to do without renting, or not having access to.  

Do the things that you always do, especially physical activity. It will help your stress levels and help you get out and explore your new area. If you bring equipment, you do not use on the regular, it will only be a hassle to take around.

If your travel location has rolling hills, take your mountain bike! Does your new travel location have lakes and rivers? Take your kayak or paddleboard! 

travel nurse essentials yoga mat


I am sure I do not want to be using hotel shampoo and conditioner for my entire stay. Bringing your own toiletries gives you a sense of home. By continuing your home care routine, you will not be prone to neglecting your skin and hair care or hygiene.


Capturing new locations and environments is best captured with a great lens. Do not forget to bring your camera, GoPro, or any other equipment that helps you get the greatest pictures.  

Yes, nowadays cell phones capture superior quality photos, but if you have a camera, bring it with you, you will not regret it.

Everyday Pillow and Sheets

Your everyday pillow and sheets will make you feel at home, especially if you are skeptical of some future accommodations. This might be the top of the travel nurse essentials to bring on your journey.  

It can give you a sense of home for the next couple of months. If you are going to travel to a cold location, be sure to pack your favorite cozy throw blankets!


travel nurse essentials for comfort

The Bottom Line

Again, these travel nurse essentials may not be applicable to every traveler, but always bring your own must-haves. If you are wondering what to bring, ask yourself how often I will use this item, and does it bring me a sense of joy and comfort?  

Happy traveling!

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