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Understanding Your 2024 Kentucky Nursing License Renewal

  • Nurses are busy people and don’t have endless amounts of free time to research the rules and requirements for the upcoming 2024 Kentucky nursing license renewal.
  • In Kentucky, a nurse can’t work with a lapsed license, so knowing the correct date to renew is essential.
  • Nursing CE Central has provided a complete breakdown of top questions, CE requirements, last day to renew, and consequences of missing the renewal deadline.

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March 15, 2024
Simmons University

Nurses are currently battling burnout, staffing shortages, and high demands and strains on the healthcare system. That leaves them with very little time to research the rules and requirements for renewal.

Licenses will expire at the end of October, and a lapse in licensure means the inability to continue working.

That’s why our team has created a complete list of top questions, CE requirements, last day to renew, and consequences of missing the deadline for the 2024 Kentucky nursing license renewal period.

According to the Kentucky Board of Nursing, any nurse who does not renew their license before midnight on October 31, 2024 will have their license lapse.

What Are the CE Requirements for License Renewal?

Nurses must meet Kentucky’s continuing competency requirements by October 31, 2024, in order to renew their licenses. While there are several ways to accomplish this, most LPNs and RNs choose to complete 14 or more contact hours of CE from an approved provider (such as Nursing CE Central). The other ways to meet one of the other continuing competency options are listed here in section 3.

All LPNs and RNs must complete mandatory CE for renewal. 1.5 hours must be on the newly required implicit bias training, and 2 hours must cover the newly required suicide prevention course (one-time requirement). In addition to that, nurses must also complete 3 hours in domestic violence and 1.5 hours on pediatric abusive head trauma. These courses are both one-time requirements. Nursing CE Central’s 2024 Kentucky Renewal Bundle includes all of these required courses.

RNs who are sexual assault nurse examiners must also complete 5 hours on sexual assault, forensic medicine, or domestic violence.

LPNs and RNs who graduated in Kentucky after 1998 have met the one-time CE requirement for renewal for domestic violence.

LPNs and RNS who graduated in Kentucky after 2011 have met the one-time CE requirement for renewal for pediatric abusive head trauma.

2. Which Nurses Are Required to Complete Mandatory CE for Renewal?

LPNs and RNs are required to complete the mandatory CE for the 2024 license renewal period.

3. Am I Required to Take a Test to Complete the CE Requirements?

No, you don’t need to complete a test to fulfill the CE requirements.

4. Is Nursing CE Central a Kentucky Board of Nursing-Approved Provider?

Yes, the courses from Nursing CE Central are approved and accepted by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.

5. Do I Need to Submit My CE Through CE Broker?

Yes, you need to submit your completed CE through CE Broker. Nursing CE Central automatically submits your certificates to them once all of the required courses are finished.

6. How Long Must Nurses Keep Documentation Proving CE Completion?

The Kentucky Board of Nursing requires that all licensees keep proof of CE completion for each renewal period for a minimum of five years. This documentation is needed if a nurse is selected for an audit by the board within that time frame.

Nursing CE Central stores copies of all CE certificates of completion, which can easily be accessed by logging into the website.

7. When Is the License Renewal Deadline?

LPNs and RNs must renew their licenses before midnight on October 31st, 2024.

Kentucky nursing license renewal

8. How Can I Renew My License This Year?

You’ll need to renew your license online, by accessing the nurse portal of the Kentucky Board of Nursing once the renewal period opens on September 15, 2024. You must complete the renewal process, including the CE requirements, by October 31, 2024.

9. What Do I Need to Have Ready When Starting My Renewal Online?

Most nurses will only need a valid method of payment to complete the renewal process through the Kentucky nurse licensing platform. CE requirements must be fulfilled by October 31, 2024.

10. Can I Renew Now, and Complete My CEUs Later?

Yes, the Kentucky Board of Nursing requires that all CE requirements be met by October 31, 2024. However, you may renew online ahead of CE completion.

11. How Can I Check That My Renewal Application Is Complete?

You’ll receive a confirmation email from the KBN after your license has been renewed. You can also check the status of your renewal application through the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s license verification portal.

12. What Happens if I Don’t Renew My License Before the Deadline?

According to the Kentucky Board of Nursing, if you don’t renew your license before midnight on October 31, 2024, it will lapse and you can’t continue to work.

13. How Can I Get My License Active Again?

If you miss the renewal deadline, then you’ll need to file for a license reinstatement with the Kentucky Board of Nursing. More information on the reinstatement process can be found online at the board’s reinstatement information page.

14. Can I Work With a Lapsed License?

No, you cannot work in Kentucky with a lapsed license.

15. How Do I Contact the Kentucky Board of Nursing?

You can contact the board with the information below:

Address: 312 Whittington Pkwy # 300, Louisville, KY 40222



Phone Number: 502-429-3300 

They’re open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Visit our Kentucky nursing license renewal page for more information or to start your required CEUs.

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