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Understanding Your 2024 Washington D.C. Nursing License Renewal

  • Nurses work diligently in a variety of workplaces around the world, and to continue caring for patients, they must keep track of the Washingto D.C. nursing license renewal requirements.
  • Knowing the correct deadline is critical because a nurse with a lapsed license can’t work in Washington D.C.
  • This article explains the 2024 Washington D.C. nursing license renewal process that includes: the last day to renew, state CE requirements, and the consequences of missing the deadline.

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November 07, 2023

2024 Washington D.C. Nursing License Renewal Requirements

Nurses are responsible for a tremendous amount of work during the Washington D.C nursing license renewal period. Remembering to maintain their licenses must be prioritized out of the many tasks they must accomplish.

Since nurses are very busy, they don’t have a lot of time to look up the renewal deadline and CE requirements.

With that in mind, we created this article. It contains information on the 2024 Washington D.C. nursing license renewal, including the last day to renew, required continuing education, and further insight into keeping an active license.

Registered nurses must renew their licenses by June 30th, 2024.

1. What are the 2024 Washington D.C Nursing License Renewal CE Requirements?

RNs must complete 24 contact hours of CE. Two must be on LGBTQ topics or cultural competence, and three must be on HIV/AIDS or director’s topics.
Nursing CE Central’s Washington D.C. Renewal Bundle includes all required continuing education courses.

2. Which Nurses Must Complete CE for Renewal?

RNs must complete CE for the 2024 license renewal period.

3. Do I Need to Complete a Test to Fulfill the CE Requirements?

No, you don’t need to take a test to complete the CE requirements.

4. Do I Need to Submit My CE to CE Broker?

You can submit your completed certificates to CE Broker for the Washington D.C. nursing license renewal. If you don’t use CE Broker, then you must upload your completed continuing education course certificates when renewing your license.
Nursing CE central reports completed certificates to CE Broker and saves them for at least five years.

washington dc nurse license renewal


5. When Is the 2024 Renewal Deadline? 

RNs must renew their licenses by June 30th, 2024.

6. What Happens If I Miss the Renewal Deadline?

If you don’t renew your license by June 30th, there’s a sixty-day grace period to renew, but you’ll have to pay a $85 late fee. Your license will be considered lapsed if it’s not renewed by the deadline or within the sixty-day grace period. You cannot continue to work until it’s reinstated and will have to apply for reinstatement and pay a $280 application fee (includes a criminal background check).

7. Can I Work with a Lapsed License?

No, you cannot work until your license is reinstated.

8. How Do I Renew My License?

 You must complete the continuing education unit requirements for the Washington D.C. nursing license renewal and submit a renewal application at with your completed certificates if you haven’t already reported them to CE Broker. A valid method of payment will be needed.

9. How Can I Verify the Status of My License?

You can verify the status of your license by visiting

10. What Is the Contact Information for the Washington D.C. Board of Nursing?

The board of nursing can be contacted in the following ways and can answer further questions on the 2024 Washington D.C. nursing license renewal.


Address: 899 North Capitol Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone Number: 877- 833-4542 

Still have questions?

Visit our Washington, D.C. nurse license renewal page for more information or to start your online nursing CE course.

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