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What Freebies to Expect During Nurses Week 2021

  • Treats and freebies await tired and overworked nurses this upcoming Nurses Week 2021. Nursing CE Central has a break down of all specials and offers nurses can snag!
  • Nurses Week is a great time for companies to show appreciation, as well as nurse managers and administrators.
  • Many companies are currently keeping their 2021 Nurses Week deals under the radar. Find out what specials from 2020 may be making a comeback.
Morgan Curry, RN/BSN

Morgan Curry, BSN / RN

Intensive Care, Outpatient Surgery, Aesthetics, Education, and Nursing Leadership

April 15, 2021
Simmons University

Companies Offering Freebies & Deals to Nurses

Several corporations offer major freebies/discounts to nurses to show their respect and give thanks. Although some of theses nursing appreciation week (May 6-12) deals have passed already, check out the ones that are usually year-round!

• Amazon

Amazon is offering free nursing books you can score by hitting up their website.

You can also print a free amazon gift card at home right from your computer that can make an awesome gift for a nurse! They also have an amazing page for nursing gifts if you are looking to give something to a friend or another special nurse in your life.

• Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is always a fan favorite.

Normally, they offer nurse appreciation freebies, so check out your upcoming nursing holidays calendar!

You should check with your local Chick-fil-A store closer to time or check their website. Nurses and other healthcare professionals will need to show their work ID to get their freebies 

• Cinnabon

Cinnabon has been known to show love to nurses by having participating Cinnabon Bakeries offer a choice of free Cinnabon® Cinamon Rolls when nurses show proper ID. 

• Chipotle

In the past, Chipotle has given away free meals to those who show a medical badge at check out. We are sure that this is something they will be participating in again for Nurses Week 2021. 

• Culver’s

Last year many participating Culvers restaurants throughout the US offered 25% off their entire purchase. Check with your local Culvers restaurant to see how they are celebrating Nurses Week 2021.  

• Dunkin Donuts

Participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations have a reputation of celebrating Nurses Week in past years, and we feel sure that Nurses Week 2021 will be no different. Stay tuned for what freebies Dunkin will offer to nurses in 2021.

Erin Condren

Needing a little extra organization in your life? We hear you loud and clear!

We’ve partnered with Erin Condren to give our nurses a discount on one of their amazing planners! Make sure to use code “ECNURSES10” for $10 off your first purchase of $40 or more!

Not sure which one to choose from? Our guide to the best nursing planners can give you the direction you need!

• FitMyCar           

Whether you and your coworker are enjoying your lunch break in the front seats, or you’re taking the back roads home on a sunny evening after a long day, we spend a great amount of time in our cars.

U.S., Australian, and New Zealand based automotive accessory and part company, FitMyCar, are honoring our first responders by offering a 12% store-wide discount.


Founded in 1993, and revamped in 2020, is responsible for creating and distributing disposable gloves to healthcare workers. Enjoy 15% off your entire order by using the code, “GLOVESTRAV15.”

• Nursing CE Central

We are offering 3 free nursing continuing education courses for nurses.We have combed through our course library and have handpicked our top-rated and most popular continuing education courses. We have decided to give you the best of the best because as hard-working nurses, you deserve to have the best free RN CEU’s. And we are here to serve you.

    – Free Alzheimer’s Nursing Care CEU
   – Free Coronavirus Nursing CEU
   – Free Pain and Symptom Management Nursing CEU
Click here to claim your free courses now!

• Samsung

In honor of National Nurses Month in 2021, Samsung offered exclusive discounts to show appreciation to nurses and help them improve the way they work, live, and connect.

During the month of May 2021, nurses and other first responders who support them can save up to 30% on smartphones, tablets, and more.

Nurses and the various first responders who work with them access these deals by signing up for Samsung’s First Responder Discount Program and verifying their identity at checkout.

Nurses are in the profession of giving and service. They are selfless, sacrificial, and hard working. Over the past year, they have been in the trenches caring for you, me, and the rest of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to show your appreciation for the countless hours they have spent caring for us all, take a few moments out of your day to thank a nurse.

Nurses Week 2021 is the perfect time to reflect on the impact that nurses have made in your own or a loved one’s life and how you can pay your respects to the endless hard work that they put in each day.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, ‘What is Nurses Week, and how can I celebrate?’

Nurses Week 2021, Upcoming Deals

What is Nurses Week, and When is It?

Nurses Week is an annual, week-long celebration of all nurses. It is celebrated to recognize the sacrificial dedication, love, and care that nurses give to their patients and families.

While one week is not enough to recognize their impact on us, people all over the US take this week to express their gratitude by sharing kind words and appreciation for the work they do 24/7, 365 days a year.

Nurses Week 2020 was recognized as the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale and the Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

Now, for Nursing Week 2021, we are still wrestling with the lasting effects of the pandemic. Front-line nurses, along with other interdisciplinary healthcare members, are struggling to care for those who have been affected. For this reason, the American Nurses Association has extended the year of the Nurse and Midwife into Nurses Week 2021.

How Can You Celebrate a Nurse?

More often than not, nursing is a thankless profession. Many nurses are in the field to serve others, with no regard for any recognition. Despite the selfless nature of the profession, nurses deserve recognition and appreciation. Here are a few ways to celebrate and show a nurse your appreciation for their endless service: 


  • Embroidered scrubs 
  • Personalized tote bag 
  • Nurse themed coffee mug 


  • Cook a homemade dinner for your favorite nurse. 
  • Give a gift card to their favorite restaurant. 
  • Surprise them with take-out or delivery. 

Homemade Gifts

  • Hand-written cards 
  • ‘Thank you’ videos
  • Goodie bags

If you are interested in other organizations that support our nurses or want clarification on what identification they require, make sure to check out our Free Stuff For Nurses and Healthcare Workers blog! 

Although Nursing Week 2021 isn’t here yet, it’s never too early to thank a nurse. They are the ones who will be by your side when you need it the most! 

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