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Perianesthesia Nurses Week 2022

  • Perianesthesia Nurses’ Week is February 7-13, have you marked your calendar? 
  • The path to becoming a perianesthesia nurse can be a long one, as it requires roughly 1,800 hours of experience to earn the certification.
  • Do you have a perianesthesia nurse in your life? Wondering how you can share your appreciation? We’ve got you covered! 

NCC News & Content Team

January 28, 2022
Simmons University

Perianesthesia Nurses Week 2022

A perianesthesia nurse is a professional who specializes in prepping and caring for patients who are undergoing a surgical procedure.  

After earning a BSN and passing the NCLEX-RN examination, a nurse must complete 1,800 hours of experience in order to earn a certification in perianesthesia.  

Whether surgeries are emergent or scheduled, anything can happen and a perianesthesia nurse must be ready to prep a patient at any time. 

With that being said, it is evident that these providers deserve a little extra recognition this week, and we know just how to do it


nurse checking patient before surgery

What Can You Do to Show Your Support? 

Past Patients

From highlighting someone who made a positive impact on your life during a hospital stay or sending a gift basket with a meaningful, hand-written note, there are so many things, both big and small, that you can do to lift a nurse for Perianesthesia Nurses’ Week!  

Other examples of what you can do to show your appreciation include homemade meals, sentimental ‘thank you’ videos or meaningful gifts from the heart.   

There’s nothing that a nurse loves more than to see their patients be truly appreciative of the care that they provided for them and to know that they made a difference in their lives.

Facilities that need healthcare providers will typically begin a partnership with a staffing agency in order to have ‘more hands-on deck.’  

If you break your agreement, this puts one less person on the schedule; and in nursing, this can make a huge difference in patient care delivery. 


Hospital administrators, even the smallest token of recognition and appreciation can go a long way. 

Your hard-working nurses should be rewarded for their sacrifice, dedication, and endurance throughout their career, but more importantly, throughout the trials and tribulations of this pandemic. 

Family Members of Perianesthesia Nurses

For the past couple of years, work in the healthcare industry has not been easy, and the work-life balance seems to be diminished.  

You may see your spouse less than you would like to, or maybe they had missed more of your children’s sporting events than they originally anticipated when they began this job, but it is a sacrifice they must make to save lives.  

I know it is hard for you, and it is just as hard for them, too.   

Perianesthesia Nurses’ Week should not be the only time you dedicate to showing them that you care and appreciate all the hard work they put into their career.   

However, perhaps making them a spa appointment on their day off or tackling all the chores for the week to ensure they don’t have anything to worry about when they get home is a good start.   

Like I said previously, a little can go a long way. 

nurse checking on patient post-op

Of course, there are so many ways to say, ‘thank you,’ and the more personalized and sentimental they are, the better.   

However, if you’re running low on money or time before Perianesthesia Nurses’ Week, check out some year-round freebies for nurses that they are guaranteed to love!

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