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How Can You Support An ICU Nurse During COVID-19?

  • With yet another COVID-19 surge, the work of an ICU nurse restlessly continues.
  • Although their job has never been easy, they need our support now more than ever.
  • To learn more about how you can support an ICU nurse through this seemingly never-ending time, keep reading!
Morgan Curry, RN/BSN

Morgan Curry, BSN / RN

Intensive Care, Outpatient Surgery, Aesthetics, Education, and Nursing Leadership

August 27, 2021
Simmons University

Nurses are tired. They are burnt out.  

They cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

So, where do they go from here?  

They are fighting a good fight that no one knows the outcome to.  

They need our support more than ever. 

So how can you support an ICU nurse during COVID-19?

Whether it is a quick text, call, or sharing a post that reminds you of them, they need all the support they can get. 

The Tired, Struggling, and Restless ICU Nurse

With the COVID-19 Delta variant causing yet another surge in hospitalizations throughout the U.S., it is evident that this can be a stressful time for an ICU nurse.  

Hundreds of headlines such as ICU nurses say ‘it’s scary’ behind hospital doors” have occupied much of our national news. 

We must address the severity of this increase in patients and shortage of providers.  

ICU nurses left and right are expressing their concerns, stressors, and anxieties that they feel for the future with the new variant and its rapid infection rates.  

To share your appreciation for the endless efforts our ICU nurses are making in order to save our loved ones, here are a few things you can do to show your support! 





Ideas to Show Your Support

Checking in With Your ICU Nurse Friends 

Nurses are strong.  

They are risking their safety to protect everyone else.  

However, they are also human and have moments of vulnerability. Check on them; it is so important. 

Whether it is a quick text, call, or sharing a post that reminds you of them, they need all the support they can get. 


Send or Make Them Something Nice 

Any kind gesture is appreciated and can go a long way, but to save you some time, we’ve gathered a few things! 

Here are some of the highlights from our “What Freebies to Expect During Nurses Week 2021” blog: 

  • Cook a homemade dinner 
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant 
  • Send them takeout or delivery to their facility 
  • Hand-written cards or goodie bags full of essentials 

But that’s not all! Here are some extra ideas: 

  • Gift card to spa for massage 
  • Plan a visit to a cat café  
  • Offer to clean/tidy up their house 
  • Babysit their children for a few hours 

Why It Matters

Words of encouragement and small acts of kindness go a long way.  

Many of these nurses are contemplating leaving their positions or the nursing profession all together! 

They need to be reminded of why they wanted to become a nurse. Help to bring their passion back and let’s try our best to support them in any way that we can.

Again, kindness goes a long way – trust me on this one. 

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